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Written By:  Barry P. Foley

Copyright © 20 Aug 2023 Prague

I heard her from a hundred feet away, I thought she was just singing way off key
Then I could   hear the hurt in her voice, must be talking on her phone

  I was sitting on a park bench, outside the door to my hotel
As   she got closer and closer, sounded like her life had gone to hell

  I could hear her heart was breaking, though I couldn’t understand a thing
  Speaking in foreign tongue, but I could sure hear her pain

I felt   sorry for that   poor woman and what she’s going   through
I   wanted to go over and hold her in my arms
  Help her through this moment, tell her it will be al right
But what do I know about someone else’s life

Turnaround play chorus

  I saw a note today, about   why you should be gentle with people
  It was someone’s lifeline, and the last few days in blue,   it says that’s how much we knew

  After about 10 minutes of sitting there, I looked over my shoulder,   she was laying on the park bench
  A winter coat pulled over her head,   then the paddy wagon came

2nd Chorus
I kept thinking about that woman, as they drove her away
I hope they took her somewhere, she can feel safe
The demons in her   mind, came out to play tonight
But what do I know about, someone else’s life

Out (mummm) What do I know, about that poor womans life….Prague 2000 & 23

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