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1. Texas Has Got It All - Doug Deforest-USA
 2.  Tucson - Lonnie Dale-USA
3. Your Honky Tonk Angel -  Donna Ray-USA
4.  Remember The Alamo - Danny Wünschel-Germany
5. County Line - Daniel T. Coates-USA
6. Time For The Blues - Helt Oncale-USA)
7.  Airport Love Story  -  Stan Silver-USA
8. 14 Days - Vivien Searcy-Sweden

9. Down To The Islands - Andy Förster-Germany
10.  I Play Country Music - Travis Truitt-USA
11. The Country Store  - Helmut Limbeck-Germany
12.  Thursday Night - Tina Spears-USA
13.  Ruby’s Café - Thomas Schönheiter-Germany
14.  Get That Crap Out Of My Country - Andy Keinath-Germany
15. On The Road With Merle - Hermann Lammers Meyer-Germany
16. Crooked Road - Norbert Dengler-Germany
17.  You Ain’t No Country Singer - Andy Martin-Switzerland


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Enjoy listening to seventeen of my friends and musical colleagues singing my songs with the originally backing tracks!  I think will enjoy it as much as I do!!

You are listening to my murder ballad “Tucson” sang by my bud Lonnie Dale