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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 14 March 2006

Looking down her nose at my cowboy boots
Sipping on a Pina Colada
Airport lounge, somewhere up north
My flight was delayed to Atlanta

Looked up at me with half-way grin
“Cowboy, where’s your horse?
‘fore I could find something smart to say,
She smiled and said “Hi, my name’s Joyce”

Pointed to a seat, called the bartender over
“Bring us of two of what he’s drinking
Time to kill and her footing the bill,
I said “Double Jack on the rocks

My time to talk, looked her in the eye
“you don’t know me from Adam”
Gave her my hand, said “Hi, my name’s Dan,
by chance, you going to Atlanta?”

Another Airport Love Story
Textbook lust at first sight
We laughed and talked, had another round
Almost missed our flight

Ran to the gate, laughing all the way,
Made it in the nick of time
She went to first class, I stumbled back to coach
That double Jack will help me unwind

Settled in for my three hour flight,
Thinking about my wife and kids
I wouldn’t ashamed; she would do the same;
Come home and telling me that she did

Another Airport Love Story
Textbook lust at first sight
Two strangers fell into temporary love
That ended with their flight

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