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Back Home Again CD

Red & Mae's (Feb 2018)  Every year after our annual Country Music Convention, I'm normally inspired to write some specific.  This time I was just inspired to write something after a pretty long dry spell.  Decided I'd play tribute to my favorite beer joint back home over the county line where they could serve beer on Sundays.   The song is pretty much autobiographical.  In the past 10 years, the NEW Red and Mae's has gone thru a number of management changes and has never lived up to the original.  THINGS TO KNOW..My Real Cousin Earl was a regular at Red and Mae's, but he never caused any trouble.  I sent him a demo in Sep 2019 to get his approval to honor him in the song.  Earl passed away in December 2019 from COPD.!!

Fifty Shades of Blue (Apr 2015)  In Bellamy Brothers style I wrote the song during the Fifty Shades of Grey movie crazy.  I didn't record it until 2018 when the Nashville drummer Gregg Stocki returned to Germany for a short tour with Daniel T. Coates.   THINGS TO KNOW..I fell in love with this Jazzy chord progression a  year before I wrote this!!

Country Boy Is Back Home Again (May 2017):   My father passed away i 2011 and I started "coming home" from Germany every two years.  Normally each trip inspired a song, so this is my 2017 Back Home song.  THINGS TO KNOW:  On each Chorus, I have inserted a name of "back home" song that I've recorded.

I Let You Be You (Jul 2010):  Another song I wrote at Pullman City Edging on the second day.  It was simply a phase I had floating around in my head..  THINGS TO KNOW:  My wife have been married 44 years.

I Got All I'll Ever Need (July 2009)  I have bought some much musical gear, I find myself in a music store and I say to myself "Well, I got one of those already, got two of that one, etc".  So the song stems from that basic thought.   THINGS TO KNOW..In the past four years, I've sold off about half of my instrument collection and assorted toys, but I've still got a dreamland of instruments and equipment (toys)!

Grandpa and Charlie Poole: (Oct 2012)  I wanted to write a tribute to my Grandpa Boss Foley (Mama's Daddy).  He died of cancer in 1961 when I was 7 years old.  I have a few faint memories of him.  But I remember stories about his "Moonshiner Days" and that the great Charlie Poole would visit and hang around for a few days at a time, before he became famous.  The statistics of Charlie Poole and Grandpa Boss are all true. THINGS TO KNOW:  Mama used to say, if she woke up to the sound of Charlie Poole records, she knew if was gonna be a good day (meaning her Daddy wasn't too hung-over)

Scars (Jan 2007)  This song started as a reflection of working with really stupid bosses.  Which I was burdened with more than my share of bosses that were extremely stupid.  THINGS TO KNOW..The closing line of my Navy Retirement speach was "Friends Come and Go, but Enemies Accumulate.!

Tucson (Sep 2004)  This song appears on my 2011 CD “The Crooked Road”.   I was doing a weekend exhibition at a Hyundai Dealer playing 15 minutes every hour for 7 hours (Saturday and Sunday).  This was to advertise the new small SUV “TUCSON”.  During my 45 minute breaks I was staring at the window looking at the Police Headquarters for Stuttgart and looking back at the new Tucson directly in front of me.  This went on for a few hours and I knew there that to be a song in there somewhere.  I wrote the song during the breaks and that evening finished the melody and song structure.  I played the song the next day! THINGS TO KNOW:  The guitar riff is something I stole from a Willie Nelson song, who stole it from some Mexican guitar wizard…actually I’ve heard it in several songs!!

Exit 35 (May 2010)  A Pullman City Harz song.  Exit 35 is the one I take off Autobahn #9.  About 3 miles before the exit, I can see bright into the night the Esso Gas Station and McDonald sing!!  THINGS TO KNOW..The song was originally written as a love song to a faithful old dog!!

Love Song (Aug 2018)  As the song says I written about everything, but not any Love Songs.  I came across this phase in my head "we're not perfect, but we're perfect for each other"..or maybe I read it!!!!  From that I was able to write a Funny Love Song!  THINGS TO KNOW..I love the line, we've lived every word of our Marriage Vows!- Folks sometimes I just hold the pen!

Put Switzerland Behind Me (Dec 2012)  I was messaging with a musical friend in Switzerland on day, it this song just came out of nowhere!  THINGS TO KNOW..Going to Amsterdam to see the Tulips Blooming is on my Bucket list!

Valentine Day (Feb 2018)  I had just written Red and Mae’s when the Mass Shooting in Parkland High School happened.  The message was quick and simple.  Musically was I challenging myself to write a song not going to the “5” chord.  THINGS TO KNOW.. The whole thing still pisses me off.


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