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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 29 June 2012

Bobby's Moonlight Lounge, is pretty dead tonight
Bobby hollered pack it up, lets call it a night
Then a fellar came in, he deserved a couple songs
I sang him "El Paso" and "The Race Is On"

He clapped & he whistled, dropped a C-note in my jar
"Get me some Haggard, son", he strolled back to the bar
Played him Working Man Blues, he hollered, "Come on, lets drink a shot?
Barkeep, bring us a bottle, of the very best you got"

We toasted to our health, he said "my friends call me Chuck
Spent the last 30 years in the Middle East, making the big bucks
Till last week I got this here letter, from an unknown son-in-law
With this picture of baby boy, telling me I was a Grandpa"

Chuck told me about a daughter, he never really knew
She was probably 31, maybe even 32
Partner, you only get one chance, at being a father
"Lord knows I've already screwed it up,
with my only daughter"

Then he just starred at that picture, so I took my cue
Picked him the Wildwood Flower, some Haggard songs too
The words on that picture, brought a tear to his eye
Said "I'm heading back home tomorrow, give it one more try"

"I've made a lot of money, I made a lotta mistakes
I'm gonna be the world's best grandpa, no matter what it takes"

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