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Written by Barry P. Foley
© 22 FEB 2001

I was on the stage in San Antonio, opening for a Tejano Band
Had our names up in the neon lites, but they misspelled mine again
The crowd was crazy and singing along, not bad for an opening act
Them ole drunk Cowboys, they ain’t hard to please, so long I as wearing a hat

After one short curtain call, I headed backstage for a beer
Standing in the wings was my loving wife, she;s grinning ear to ear
She knew how much it all meant to me, and just how hard l’d worked
She threw her arms around my neck and this is what I heard

What do you do When All Your Dreams Come True
Where do you go from here
Keep on reaching for the big brass ring,
Or do you sit back in your rocking chair
Whatever you do, I will follow you just because you are my man
Just lay your head against my chest, and start to dreaming again

That’s been more than twenty-five years and ole Nashville is just a memory
Been writing songs for other folks and I’m living off the royalities
Here I am back in ole San Antone, back were it all began
Got the number one song on the radio and damn they misspelled my name again

My first song on the radio, my wife told me again

Repeat Chorus:

Just lay your head against my chest
And start dreaming agai

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