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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Co© 1 November 2008

We all have a Guardian Angel, whether we know it or not
Sits quietly on our shoulder, don’t say a lot
Don’t intervene when you just need a good scare
Your Guardian Angel is always there

I was 14, riding my bike, on a hot August day
The tar on that country road, was melting away
The sky fell with rain, as I was barreling down a hill
I had no fear, I remember it still

Til I hit my brakes, doing 30 miles an hour
Well that bike went one way and I went the other
Sliding bare of my back across the payment, cars were everywhere
My Guardian Angel was there!

You might be young and brave, never fearing the fall
Your Guardian Angel, can’t do it all

There is a time, that I remember most
Daddy slipped a rope round the neck, of a 1000 pound horse
That crazy beast went wild and busted out of the chute
I got tangled up with the rope and it grabbed my boot

Dragging me across the field flat on my back
Then a fence post caught that rope and stopped that horse dead in its tracks
I was saved from getting cut to pieces by barbed wire
My Guardian Angel was there!

You might be young and brave feeling 10 feet tall
But your Guardian Angel, can’t do it all

So remember those Wooden Crosses by the road, before you dance
Give your Guardian Angel a Chanc