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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 28 July 2015

I've seen the Eifel Tower, light up a Paris night
I've been to Rome & St. Peter's Square, that's a powerful sight
And when you talk about beauty, nothing beats the Amalfi Coast
Til this old country boy gets homesick, for the sight I love the most

From Mama's Front Yard, I can see the Blue Ridge Mountains
From Mama's Front Yard, so many stars you can't count 'em
Big old Virginia moon, warning me to be on guard
For things I take for granted in Mama's Front Yard

I look out over the Blue Ridge and watch the sun go down
Close my eyes and try to recall, those childhood sounds
But the bullfrogs and the whippoorwills, I guess they're all gone
Nothing but Ronnie's Old Donkey braying & the locusts 2-note song

From Mama's Front Yard, I can see the Blue Ridge Mountains
In Mama's Front Yard, so many memories I can't count 'em
It's great to be back home, leaving's gonna be hard
Nothing will ever be the same in Mama's Front Yard

Give mama a hug and a goodbye kiss, before I head across the ocean
Drive off in the rental car, my eyes filled with emotion
Go up on the hill to a field of stone and say goodbye to Daddy
When November comes and the leaves are gone
He can see Mama's Front Yard


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