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Written by Barry P. Foley
Original Title “Bootleg Daddy Copyright
© 1971
Retitled and edited 10 April 2005

Daddy was a moonshiner, in the Virginia Hills
He made pure corn liquor, in a homemade copper still
One night Revenuers came, hauled Daddy away in chains
Said “Son, be a good boy, mind your mama everyday”

Mama worked two jobs, just to make the ends meet
I lost count of the nights, she cried herself to sleep
Washing other folks clothes, making five dollars a day
Praying that my Daddy, might change his evil ways

Chorus:  White Lighting, you put my Daddy in jail
White Lighting, got him under your spell
White Lighting’s, only the devil can’t you see
You stole my Daddy’s soul but you’ll never get to me

Daddy said “in jail, I learned a thing or two
Making moonshine liquor, iIs all I’m gonna do
I’ll never go back to jail, they won’t take me alive”
When gunshots rang out one night, I heard my mama cry

Repeat Chorus

TAG:  You stole my Daddy’s soul
Better stay away from me

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