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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 27 Feb 2012

Born in Virginia, with a guitar in my hand
Dreamed of Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry show
Heard Bob Wills playing, “Faded Love”
Headed down to Texas, as fast as I could go
  Now I’m never leaving Texas
I’m as happy as I can be
Amarillo down to Corpus Christi Bay
Texas, is the only place for me  Half T/A

Played on the streets of San Antone
By the Alamo where history was made
Out to Luckenbach, I played for ice cold beer
Man, it was a hundred and two in shade

But, I’m never leaving Texas
Home of Waylon, Willie and Strait
Littlefield, Abbot and down to Pearsall town
No place is better than the Lone Star State

When those Blue Bonnets bloomed in the spring
In the Hill Country, I played a county fair
Hot summer nights out on South Padre Island
Corpus Christi winds are always there

 I’m never leaving Texas
Got the best job in all the land
El Paso down to the Rio Grande Valley
Playing Western Swing in a six piece band

  I’m never leaving Texas
Got a woman who loves on me
From Conroe down to Galveston Bay
Her Daddy owns oil-wells far as you can see
TAG:  Texas has been so very good to me

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