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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 2 April 2006

I’m gonna go down to the courthouse, take me out warrant
Put Country Music Radio on Trial
I’ll take it all the way, to the U.S. Supreme Court,
To fix it, you got to go that extra mile

The judge will have to be fair, so we’ll get one from the south,
He’ll understand what we’re talking about
The jury will be real country fans, from all across this great land,
They’ll have to know three Hank Sr. songs

Now we won’t allow no lawyers, cause they cannot be trusted
They been part of the problem all along
For our star witnesses, we’ll get Haggard, Willie and old Possum,
Put them on the stand sing their latest songs

I’d tell the jury to sit back, y’all just listen close
The defendants don’t won’t you to know
They have conspired with one another and I’m here to tell you brother
They want you to think they’ve already retired

Now the evidence is clear, well, “Judge just listen here
This supposed to be Country Music on the Radio”
You’ll even hear Bon Jovi, Mr. and Mrs. Tim McGraw
Oh, those Rascal Flatts, they gotta be the worst of ‘em all

Now radio will want to settle out of court, only as a last resort
Once they see they’ve already lost the fight
So maybe we’ll ablidge, but we won’t compromise,
Let me tell ya how we’ll make it right

You will listen to the fans, not some Yankee man
Talking about demographics and all them fancy words
Fans will have to power, to make you play Merle once an hour
Country Radio will make America proud

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