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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 23 March 2009

Ruby, I woke up this morning, thinking about you
   ‘Bout when we met way back in ‘92
I was tired and hungry, just bumming my way around
You were the first one I met, when I hit your town

Café was empty, when I walked in
Looking for work, BUT in need of a friend
You said “sit down son, let me bring you some food
Don’t you worry ‘bout no money, uh-uh,
 this one’s on ole Rube”

I was so damm hungry, I could have eaten a horse
You brought me a second plate, which I ate of course
Gave me a dish washing job, making 10 dollars a day
And a room upstairs, where I could stay

Bridge:  Ruby, I hope you don’t hate me, for skipping town
I couldn’t bear to face you, after I let you down
The Sheriff’s daughter said some things, that were not true
I never got a chance to say goodbye,
 or thanks for all you did and tried to do

Ruby, I’m writing this letter, care of the Parkway Grill
I don’t know your address, or you even if you work there still
I’ve meant to write a thousand times, tell you, I’m doing okay
If you ever down near Key West, you’ll find me at …Ruby’s Café

 Ohhh Ruby, I miss you gal, Oh Ruby…..Ruby


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