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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 28 DEC 2010

Woke up this morning
With a pounding inside my head
I woke up this morning
There was a note by my king sized bed
It was from my baby
And this is how it read

I’m leaving you
Let this be no surprise
I’m leaving you baby
Tired of your cheating, running round and all your lies
I’ll send my big brother for my stuff
So baby…   this here is Goodbye

Called my Daddy on the phone
Crying, Daddy, Daddy what do I do?
I called my Daddy collect on the phone,
Crying Daddy, Oh Daddy,what would you do?
He said son, look at the clock
Cause its time……for the blues!

TAG:  Go buy a Rolex boy, cause its time for the blues!

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