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    Written by Barry P. Foley
    ©16 September 2006

    I saw this old Chevy wagon in a Quik Stop parking lot
    Dents on the hood, dents on trunk, dents all over the top
    Damaged by a hail storm, must have been a long, long time ago
    Paint was patched a bit here and there, rust was starting to show

    ‘Bout this time and old man came up with, fumblin’ with the keys in his hand
    Saw me starring at his old car, he didn’t seem to understand
    Half joking I said, “Looked like this one survived a war”
    He just smiled back at me said “that and a whole lot more”

    See, I bought this here Chevy, right off the Detroit assembly line”
    Back before you were born,  I’d just turned 29.
    Needed a good family car, my wife was expecting twins
    Four doors and lots of chrome, gas was so cheap back then

    When the twins were three we drove to Texas, that July was really hot
    Out on the interstate, that storm left no safe place to stop
    Hail  big as baseballs cracked the windshield, I couldn’t see to drive
            That hot road was slick and folks couldn’t stop, we got hit from behind

                   There’s a prayer for every dent in this old car
                We spun across the traffic, glass was flying in the air
                Like a miracle, it straightened up, like God’s hand was on the wheel
    I promised I’d keep this old car to remind me that he’s real


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