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Written by Barry P. Foley
© 28 August 2003

60 miles outside of Kansas City, traffic came to a stop
It was Ten A.M. on a August morning, man, it was getting hot
There were cars and 18 wheelers as far as the eye could see
I just turned off the motor, turned up Merle and propped up my feet

I was wearing an old straw Stetson, that’s done seen its better day
I could tell the folks were starting to frown and look the other way
But I could care less, cause my big break was across the Missouri line
For a weekend show with a backup band coming out of Caroline

The tape flipped over and ole Waylon came on, I was getting into the groove
Reached in the back seat for a cheap guitar I bought in ole St Lou
I felt eyes locked on me, and before I could turn around
My life changed right there in the Traffic Jam, outside Kansas Town

This lady was in a ragtop Mercedes and her hair blowing in the breeze
She was smoking one of them skinny cigarettes, and her fingers filled with rings
Guess I was waiting on her, or maybe she’s was waiting on me
So I stopped picking for a minute, and gave her a Big Texas Howdy

She said, “I bet you’re a country singer, have you written any songs?
Come on over here and join me, cause I’d like to hear ‘em all”
I dragged me and that old guitar across those leather seats
She said “my name’s Sally John, so me your stuff”

Well I took off with new song about when your all dreams come true
Then a song about being down and out with nothing left to lose
A song about killing a cheating woman then going off to jail
A song about being blind rather than going to hell
Well she sighed and listened, tapping her foot to the beat
I didn’t know where this all might lead, to the bedroom or the street
By the time we looked eye to eye and my poor heart was giving in

Heard the roaring engines of the 18 wheelers, my concert came to an end
Well I said we better go, reached out to shake her hand
She leaned over and gave me a little kiss, stuck her card in my hat band
Gave me wink and quick goodbye and said “call me sometime”
I followed that ragtop Mercedes all the way to the state line

Well on to Kansas for my big break and the promoter was just a crook
Course the band got all the money, and me, I was just got took
Down on my luck and no where to turn, I needed a place to stay
So I pulled out the card, dialed her number and heard a lady say ... .
Capital Records;  “This is Sally!”

Course, you should always have a guitar with ya!, cause you never know who you gonna meet in a Traffic Jam,..... Well Yea, I moved to Nashville and Sally got me a writing job. I write down the telephone orders at Pizza Hut .....But it’s an honest living

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