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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 09 September 2013 Pullman City Eging

He's a troubadour,
Sings from the heart and a whole lot more
Puts his life into the songs
He's a troubadour

There's this blind guy outside of Tooties,
Singing for tips on the street
Lost his sight in some useless war
Said he traded his eyes and his gun, to be a troubadour

There's a Texas songwriter I know
He wrote a couple songs for King George, 30 odd years ago
But you won't find his name in some hip magazine
He says cause troubadours, aren't part of a scene

A troubadour won't be found, on the big stage
With his name, up in lights
You might find him, in an unlikely place
On a most unlikely night

I'm a troubadour,
I know there's some folks, who wanna hear more
That's what keeps me, plugging along
And my heart is still searching, for that next song

TAG:  Still put my heart in my songs
Troubadour, mmmm Troubadour, ahhh Troubadour

Guys like Dan McCoy, David Lee Howard, Paul Mateki, we're all Troubadours


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