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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 17 January 2010

Back in ‘69, bought a guitar with my first pay
My buddy Eddie Easter taught me how to play
Luther’s little intro for Folsom Prison Blues
And how to get that train sound with a Boom Chicka Boom

Johnny, Marshall and Luther got together down in Memphis
Walked into Sun Records and impressed old Sam Phillips
He put paper ‘tween the strings and added slapback to the tune
He sold a million records with that Boom Chick Boom

Boom Chicka Boom, its a simple little sound
Brings the crowd to life, as I roam from town to town
When I tell them “Johnny couldn’t make it and asked me to fill in”
I get a little laugh & big old smile and a 100 brand new friends

I kick it off with Luther’s intro and the first half of Folsom
I turn to my right and say June come help me sing on “Jackson”
Then I Walk the Line through a Burning Ring of Fire
Hey Porter, Hey Porter, I’m gonna Cry, Cry, Cry

When I’m writing a brand new song and the melody just don’t fit,
I might bang my head on the table, but brother, I still won’t quit
I make a little Boom Chicka Boom and suckers done in a flash
I say thanks to Eddie Easter and thank you, J. R. Cash

Repeat Chorus

TAG:  Boom Chicka Boom (with call back)

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