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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 20 MAY 2011

As a boy growing up in foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
traditional Country Music, Bluegrass and Gospel ruled the radio
Wasn’t much to do on Saturday night,
 ‘Cept to drive over to Henry County and go to the VFW Hall
Live music, seven to midnight, they never even took a break
Great music to dance to or just sit and listen

I started playing guitar when I was about 16,
 I went over to see band and check out the pretty girls
Little did I know it would be the music that would steal my heart
Oh what a band they had, Marvin Hudson on Pedal Steel, Tim Stegall on Lead Guitar,
Cub McGee on fiddle, and the Bluegrass Boy himself, Bobby Atkins on banjo.

They played really great country and bluegrass music,
with standard dance tunes; sometimes even something new from the radio
But the song that grabbed my heart,
was when Cub McGee played Maiden’s Prayer
The dance floor was full and I just stood and listened
 with chills running up and down my spine.

I didn’t even know the name of the song until some years later
When my hero Merle Haggard put it on an album
He called it the Proudest Fiddle in world.
That started my love for Bob Wills and Western Swing

So I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy it.
  Milo, if you and the fellars will take us back
 to the VFW on Saturday night with Maiden’s Prayer

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