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(Featuring GITTY)

Written by Barry P. Foley
© 06 March 2012

When we met in that honky-tonk, we were the talk of the town
Stayed out late, partied till dawn,shut every beer joint down
Now you just sit on the couch, watchingsome old football game
I love my night out with the guys,but baby it just ain’t the same

I’ll put on my cut off jeans, and a T-Shirt, that’s too tight
Put on that Dolly Parton wig,paint my lips up little too bright
We’ll blow some money getting down and dirty,even take off our wedding bands
I’ll be your Honky Tonk Angel,and I’ll be your Honky Tonk Man

I’ll go in first, stand by the bar, as you stroll inside
I’ll watch the show and laugh as you drive those country boys wild
I’ll drag you out on the dance floor, man we’ll be a sight
A Honky Tonk Angel and a Honky Tonk Man gonna make love tonight

You take off that wedding band, and I’ll take off mine
We’ll dance and drink and drink and dance, just like them old times
We’ll take a taxi home tonight, so drink all you can stand
Be my Honky Tonk Angel, if you’ll be my Honky Tonk Man

1st TAG: I’ll be your Honky Tonk Angel, And I’ll be Your Honky Tonk Man

2nd TAG: Be my Honky Tonk Angel, if you’ll be my Honky Tonk Man

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