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Written by Barry P. Foley
© 18 SEPTEMBER 2001

I was passing thru south Texas playing one night stands, wound up in ole San Antone
Called up an old buddy to set in with me, its only 60 miles from his home
We played that night to a sold out crowd, left them yellin’ for more
Then walked back over to my hotel, right across from the Alamo

At the hotel bar were two young ladies, already two sheets to the wind
Big city gals who just flew into town for some kinda convention
Well, we closed the bar and got a bottle to go, headed up to my room
To continue the party with our new found friends, and pick a few more tunes

And we sang Blame It On Mexico, Tequila Sheila and Buffet’s Margaritaville
Our party ladies friends passed out on the floor, I guess they had their fill
When the tequila ran out we hit that mini bar, as the sun was starting to show
Then we toasted the sun with baby bottles rum and yelled Remember the Alamo

Well the front desk called about a minute past 12 to see if I was checking out
Our lady friends panicked when they woke up, saying they’d be fired no doubt
One got dressed and she ran out fast, but mine stayed behind
Saying screw that old job, I never liked it anyway and I’m having a hell of a time

My buddy said goodbye and headed home, with a story to suit his wife
Me and my lady headed to Mexico, for the party of our lives
We crossed the border at Nuevo Laredo, and bought a bottle of cheap Mezcal
We found a hotel room with the bar downstairs serving cold Corona on tap

And I sang Blame It On Mexico, Pancho and Lefty, and whatever came to my head
She wanted to make up for last night, man, she was wild and crazy in bed
We made love for a hour, then she took a shower, then told me she had to go
So we toasted for fun and ate that Mezcal worm and yelled Remember the Alamo

Well I quit the road and settled down, put that crazy life behind
Opened me up a little music store and got married for the second time
Just last year a postcard came from a New York Broadway show
Just a lipstick print and these three words . Remember the Alamo

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