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(Duet with Marty Wolfe)
(Featuring Special Guest:  Steffi Glässer)

Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 22 NOV 2007….28 Songs

I met a Teenage Queen with a Mean Eyed Cat
She wore a Long Black Veil, she got from the Man in Black
She played Luther’s Boogie and man she was fast
This here’s the story about That Girl Who Sang Johnny Cash

She road into town, on a Tennessee Stud
Then bought a ticket to Jackson, on that Train of Love
She was looking for Ira Hayes and A Boy Named Sue
Heard they’re both in San Quentin, singing the Folsom Prison Blues

Her Daddy was a Wanted Man in the Starkfield City Jail
 Cause he took his Guns To Town, on that Orange Blossom Special
She said he got Busted for having those Cocaine Blues
Now he’s Got Stripes on his shoulders and cause he was Born to Lose

She said Hey Porter, Hey Porter, I’m gonna Cry, Cry, Cry
Cause I crossed that Big River thru a Ring of Fire
But it was Five Feet High And Rising, but I Walked The Line
And my Sunday Morning Was Coming Down, One Piece At A time

So, beware of a Teenage Queen with a Mean Eyed Cat
Don’t mess with That Girl Who Sang Johnny Cash

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