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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 12 May 2015

I went back east to go to college
Cram my head full of higher knowledge
Fell in love with that whole New England scene

Well, Mom and Dad came to up see me
Saw every museum in this big ole city
Really thought, they’d be proud of me

Went to dinner at the best joint in town
We were just about to chow down
I asked them to tell me what they really thought

Now, Daddy’s not a man of just a few words
Mama kicked him in the shins before she heard
Daddy go off ’bout what they ain’t got

They’ve got….no Walmarts, no trailer parks
No donut shops like in Round Rock
No Lone Star Beer, and no Gruene Hall
No King Ranch, no Riverwalk
No Alamo, and no Luckenbach
You know Texas has got it all

Fast forward ‘bout 25 years
When my own flesh and blood, she left in tears
Went to New York City, to follow her dreams

Gave her space, let her spread her wings
Let her make her own mistakes, do her thing
But, after a month, she was begging to come back home

She said Daddy…They’ve got….no George Strait, no Pat Green
No Dale Watson, no Robert Earl Keen
No Willie Nelson singing about Me & Paul
No Billy Bob's and no Cotton Club
And Tejano is a word they ain't never heard
You know Texas has got it all

We got H.E.B.s that sell that Shiner Bock
And a big ole Whataburger really hits the spot
Got Blue Bonnets blooming in the hills
Longhorns, down in Kingsville
You know Texas, has got it all

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